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Customer Experience Management – Session Replay of all your website visitors

It would be fair to assume that the more complex an issue is to fix, the greater the impact on the bottom line. However, in the world of eCommerce, this is not necessarily true.  Quite often, issues that could be fixed relatively easily can have a negative impact on conversion rates and revenue.  More worryingly, […]

The hidden cost to business

When it comes to understanding the customer experience, a driving factor is the positive impact greater visibility would have on the overall conversion rate – in terms of volume and individual basket value. Yet, the costs to a business that result from poor visibility go far beyond conversion rates. According to the research study “Counting […]

Counting the Cost of Not Knowing

Online Customer Experience is fast becoming a competitive battleground for eCommerce brands. 89% of eCommerce professionals surveyed in our independent study The Online Customer Experience – Counting the Cost of Not Knowing see it as a significant differentiator in business. However, while the general awareness of the importance of Customer Experience is increasing, many businesses […]

Can you apply “Marginal Gains” to eCommerce websites?

Recently the BBC website carried an article by the respected sports journalist (and former international Table Tennis player) Matthew Syed that discussed whether the concept of Marginal Gains that has revolutionised some sports could also be applied to other areas of life. This resonated with me because I have been using this concept for a […]

Website journeys – how much are the “unknown unknowns” costing your online business?

It’s 5.00pm on a Tuesday afternoon and one of your contact centre staff takes a call from a customer who has been trying to complete the purchase of a suit ahead of an upcoming job interview and he encounters a problem. Rather than using his home laptop he’s been attempting to buy the item using […]

The mobile tipping point and what it means for customer experience online

Wind the clock back twenty years or to the early days of e-commerce. Back then, if you were accessing the internet and perhaps tentatively buying your first CD or book, the chances are you were using a desktop PC. Jump forward fifteen years – lets say to about 2010 – and you are much more likely […]

Shopping cart abandonment – 7 reasons why it happens (and what to do about it)

A potential customer searches Google for a product and quickly locates a website that can provide it at the right price. Within seconds, he has clicked on the link and with credit card at the ready; he is ready to make a purchase. Sixty seconds later this hottest of hot leads is now history. Having […]

Complaint handling – finding the truth behind online shopping disputes

It’s one of the paradoxes of the digital age. As online marketers will tell you, the internet is an accountable medium. Advertisers know how many people click on their ads. Marketing agencies can tell you exactly who has said what about whom on social media. And web businesses have a raft of statistics on bounce, […]

Digital Customer Experience – creating the “go-to” website

All online businesses know the value of converting first-time customers into loyal, long-term fans of the brand who return to make purchases again and again. Put simply, businesses that retain customers have a regular source of recurring income. Those who don’t generate much loyalty are constantly struggling to attract new business, with all that implies […]

Customer experience analytics – how to find glitches on complex websites

Bringing customers on board is a priority for many online businesses. Let’s take financial services for an example. Typically, a financial site will be a two-tier affair. Customers who have yet to sign-up can freely browse in the non-secure area, checking out the various products on offer. And if they decide to, say, order a […]