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Customer Experience Management – Session Replay of all your website visitors

Sadly, fraudsters blight the internet. It’s one of the less appealing by-products of the digital era. Open your e-mail and the chances are that at least once or twice a month there will be a phishing e-mail attempting to persuade you to part with personal account details. Run a search and you may find yourself […]

Customer experience management and accelerated ROI

Website development usually falls into two categories – namely the “must have” and the “nice to have”.  The “nice to have” can probably be described as all the things your marketing team or IT people would like to try. For instance, your marketers might think it a good idea to expand your social media strategy from Facebook […]

Customer journeys – Walk a mile in your customers’ shoes!

Think of the thousands of people who use your site every day. Each one has their story to tell. They arrive, they navigate the site – perhaps idly browsing or doggedly in pursuit of a specific product or service – but they all follow their own unique path. How was it for you?  We have questions […]

Protecting your online brand investment

A few brands, such as John Lewis, seem to effortlessly retain their reputation for quality and service while others see their star rise and fall. Sometimes that fall can be driven by the changing desires of customers, who may remain loyal to brand A for a year or so before seeing something more appealing in […]

The fragile romance of a new website visitor relationship

The first stages of human relationships are fragile. There are any number of potential hazards or “deal-breakers” that might prevent a relationship developing – some obvious, others not clear at all. The same applies in e-commerce. All through the customer’s journey there are potential deal-breakers – elements of the website that will deter customers from continuing […]

Are UFOs killing your website? Customer experience decoded

“The truth is out there.” At least that’s what the opening credits of cult TV show, the X-Files used to assure us. The problem was, of course, that the truth was often difficult to track down. Each week, detectives Mulder and Scully would unravel a new mystery, only to find that they could never quite […]

User journey improvement – finding the big wins for eCommerce

No organisation has unlimited resources and there will always be days in which staff struggle to complete an ever-expanding work schedule within the hours available. And often it’s impossible to address every problem or issue, even if everyone on the team is prepared to work late or come in at the weekend. And on those […]

Website analysis tools – why sample size matters

As the UK election results on May 7th amply demonstrate, polling is not an exact science, indeed sometimes they’re just plain wrong. But when you’re relying on a small percentage of the voting population and extrapolating results accordingly, it’s no surprise that the conclusions drawn can be inaccurate. Transfer this logic to user experience on […]

Online customer behaviour is changing rapidly, how can you track it?

Customer change can take you by surprise. Witness the experience of the Tesco group. Having previously thrived on the expansion of its superstore network, the company was wrong-footed by a shift in customer preferences. Rather than driving out to a big supermarket to stock up on a week’s groceries, many Tesco customers were instead opting […]

Voice of the customer – when to engage in a self-service world

For the most part, customers are content to be left to their own devices as they shop online. More than content, actually. One of the great attractions of e-commerce is that it allows customers a huge degree of autonomy. They are free to browse, load shopping carts and, if they choose, go elsewhere without any […]